Chapter Twenty-Four: Access

“We should split up,” Molly said. She crouched by the side of the road, hidden by the trees, and watched Aaron and Selena walk through the gate. As much as she’d wanted to go with him, she had to admit he had a point—her presence would only put Leveille on guard, and she was more use out here.

Still, it annoyed her to wait, especially as wired as she felt in this rain. The nearby presence of the lake didn’t help; the rain had filled it to the brim, and every other sound was washed out by the clamor of the open spillway.

“No,” Carter said. “Splitting up is never a good idea. Don’t you watch movies at all?”

“This isn’t a movie,” Molly said. “One group can search outside, the other can go into the powerhouse. We won’t be far away from each other.”

“It’ll be faster,” Brennan said.

He was all tension, so close to the edge of the tree cover that he’d almost blown it. “Right, Lucia?”

“I don’t know.” She glanced sideways at Molly. “If we get in over our heads again—”

“Two people can hide easier than four,” Molly said. “You can use your power to sense her, and Brennan should be able to see her body heat. So we split up, we find her fast.” And I can get this over with, before I lose control.

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