Chapter Six: Chain Reaction

“Dad!” Molly shouted as she burst through the door, her eyes hunting wildly for her parents. The cafe was a mess. All the boxes they’d stacked that morning had tumbled to the floor, along with most of the chairs. A broken light flickered over the debris. “Dad! Clarissa!”

“Back here!” Clarissa’s voice.

Heart leaping, Molly had to climb through the room—over boxes, broken glass, and overturned chairs, and past the counter—before she found her dad, lying on the floor with one bloody leg stretched in front of him. Clarissa knelt beside him, her skirt and heels smeared red. A ladder lay crookedly between them, one rung dented where it had hit the counter hard.

Molly jolted to a halt, her stomach in her throat.

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Chapter Five: Damage Report

Selena hated being left behind.

Watching as the little dots moved further away from her and closer to the town dredged up with an unpleasant mixture of resentment and guilt. Of course, Aaron was right that it made sense to stay behind. She’d designed this place to be central intelligence, and it was pointless to have all this tech here if she wasn’t here to use it.

But it just felt wrong.

“They’ve barricaded the road,” Carter said over the com. “Selena. Selena!”

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