Chapter Nine: Shadows and Ghosts

“I think this is as much as we’re going to fit,” Selena said, inspecting the load on the trailer.  It was balanced almost perfectly now. Almost. “Just—shift—this one—” She nudged the weight, trying to redistribute it more evenly over the wheels. “And we’re done.”

“Hallelujah,” Kylie said dryly. She was leaning against the white Lartech van, texting rapidly. “Does this mean we can finally go?

Their friend Steve shoved at the boxes to squish them closer together. “I bet we could squeeze another one in right—”

“Touch it and lose a hand,” Selena said, jabbing her stylus at him.

“Easy, babe,” he said with a cavalier grin, “Just trying to help.”

“Well don’t. It’s good,” she said, looking down at her tablet to check off the inventory they’d loaded. For once, her bike was more useful than a car. Enough debris still cluttered the roads that it was much easier to navigate her motorcycle through the town than a car—not to mention the stalled and damaged vehicles still blocking streets, or the dozens of cracks and fissures caused by the quake. She’d been occupied most of the day as a delivery driver, shuttling supplies from the drop-off to work crews and distribution sites. It felt good to be out doing something instead of waiting behind a computer screen. Even if it was just as a delivery girl.

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