Chapter Thirteen: Upgrades

Carter was angry. Angrier, in fact, than Aaron had ever seen him. Of course, all his twin did was frown and cross his arms as they walked toward the cabin, but he could tell. It had been late afternoon before they could all manage to sneak out at the same time, so Aaron had filled Carter in beforehand. It didn’t go over well.

“I’m sorry, okay?” he said, for the twelfth time.

Carter glanced at him, eyebrows knit together like a second frown. “I just can’t believe you went out looking for her without telling me.” Steam puffed out of his mouth as he sighed. “I really can’t.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”  Aaron kicked a pebble in his path and watched it skitter down the hill. “I was kind of pressed for time.”

“That’s a lousy excuse,” Carter said. He gave Aaron another sideways glance and stomped onto the porch. “I thought we were over this martyr complex of yours.” He opened the door and stormed inside without another word.

“I said I’m sorry,” Aaron muttered one more time. He sighed and hurried after his brother.

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