Chapter Eighteen: Welcome To My Hideout

“Where are we going?” Tara asked after about twenty minutes of trudging through the trees. Even after they’d left town, none of her apprehension had lessened. Lucia couldn’t really blame her. If a stranger had tried to drag her into the dark woods alone, her first thought would have been to wonder if she was following a serial killer.

“I told you we’ve got a place, right? It’s not far. A little downstream of the dam.” She pointed with her flashlight, even though the trees were too dense to see anything beside more trees.

“Like a camp?”

“More of a cabin,” Lucia said. “Don’t worry; it’s abandoned. I’m pretty sure no one but us even knows it exists. But there’s heat there, and food. It’s not much further.”

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Chapter Seventeen: Rocks in the Stream

The town wasn’t that big, but tonight it felt enormous. Carter shifted the girl further up his hip, and felt her wrap her arms tighter around his neck.

“You okay?” he whispered to her, and got a slight nod that he felt more than saw. Ethan panted beside him, doing his best to keep up.

They’d almost been caught twice, and Carter was pretty sure they’d circled back on themselves about a dozen times trying to avoid the patrols still cruising downtown. In the dark, Carter had to rely on memory more than sight—memory that was a little sketchier when it came to cutting through backlots and jumping fences.

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