Chapter Twenty: Need to Know

Even though it was late, the lights were still on when Brennan pulled into the driveway. He switched the engine off and sat in the dark car, staring at the living room window with indecision. The revelations of the evening had left him shaken, but the relentless worry about it hadn’t left him with any clarity about what to do.

We’re going to need help.

Selena’s suggestion that they approach Dr. Haley for help had gone over as well as he’d have expected. The tense discussion had quickly turned to argument. Molly left angry, Lucia had barely kept Carter from punching a tree, and it was only after he’d insisted they had to consult Ivy before he did anything that they agreed to take the night and think things over.

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Chapter Nineteen: Risk Assessment

Brennan poked the logs in the fire and tried hard not to think. He’d wanted to keep searching for Aaron, but Molly had stubbornly insisted he needed to rest. Annoying, but now that he was sitting down, he had to admit she was probably right.  The adrenaline that had kept him going all night had faded, leaving him cold and numb to everything except the sharp ache in his side.

Now there was nothing to do except wait.

He glanced toward the shore. Molly and Carter sat together on the big boulder on the shore, shadowed against the water. Neither of them seemed much the worse for wear, and Molly actually seemed to get more energy from taking a few hits. He felt a little envious, watching them talk and chuck rocks into the lake while he sucked extra warmth from the fire and tried not to fall asleep.

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